The 2023 - 2024 Kingsway Elite Coaching Staff 
(*missing a few of our additional beloved volunteer coaches)
Meet our Little Dippers' Coaches - Jackie, Vicki, and Lindsay! 
Tiny Expo Level One
Meet our Big Dippers' Coaches - Jackie, Stephanie, Amanda, and Jordan! 
Tiny Level One
Meet our Twinkle Stars' Coaches - Kristen and Jess! 
Mini Level One
Meet our Shining Stars' Coaches - Kristin and Christina! 
PeeWee Level One
Meet our Starstuck's Coaches - Amanda, Erin, and Christina! 
Youth Level 2.1
Meet our Starburt's Coaches - Jenn, Brittany, and Lindsay! 
Youth Level Two
Meet our Onyx Coaches - Christina W., Lindsay, and Erin! 
Junior Level 3.2